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It’s an absolute delight to be writing my first column for About Thetford. Over the coming months I am hoping to write about all the wonderful things that the children of Thetford are doing at our school, whether that be their academic successes, involvement in extra-curricular activities or commitment to the wider town community. But I also hope to be able to provide some insights into how we think about things at our school, and why we do what we do. And I would like to begin with some subjects in which our students do very well indeed: maths and sciences. A lot is written about so-called ‘STEM’ subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), but why all the fuss?

Thetford is rapidly becoming a hub for businesses that need students with a firm grounding in maths and sciences. As a school, we want our students to be the ones contributing to those businesses using the knowledge they gained at school. Last year, our school was in the top 20% of schools nationally for student progress in maths and sciences. In addition to the core qualifications of GCSE Maths and Science, many of our students take additional qualifications, such as GCSE Further Maths and separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, before going on to study A- Levels across these disciplines.

But it is not just about qualifications. In recent years students at Thetford have been taking part in clubs and competitions for maths and sciences, ranging from a school science club through to a robotics club run for us by Warren Services. Thetford students have recently left us to take up university places to study subjects ranging from Veterinary Medicine, to Engineering, to Computer Science. And what I would hope is that at least some of them return to Thetford after completing their studies and become part of Thetford’s thriving technical and engineering scene.

Article written by Michael Fordham, Principal

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