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Environment Project Engages With Local Schools

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Six local primary schools Drake, Beck Row, Bardwell, Barnham, Kennet, Watton Junior and over 360 students have been working with the Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers Landscape Partnership (BFER) and Norfolk Rivers Trust, on the Eels in the Brecks project Eels On Wheels. The funding for this was made possible through one of a series under the umbrella of BFER, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF).

Drake, Beck Row and Bardwell schools were keen to set up their own fish tank in the classroom for further learning about the Brecks aquatic habits, and with the support of a third-party grant from BFER, were able to get a tank, pump, kit and fish.

Drake primary were first to give a home to four zebra fish and shall be using the downloadable KS2 teacher packs available on the BFER website:

Elsewhere in Thetford, as part of the BFER Citizen Science project, Damara school pupils were testing water in our local rivers over the summer with the help of Fresh Water Habitats Trust. The children explored the effects of freshwater nutrient pollution and during a field trip, took samples from various streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds to test for pollution and recorded their results. In October, BFER attended Damara School for a prize giving event where the children were presented with field study packs for being identified as the school with the cleanest results.

BFER still have two fish tanks available and associated BFER grant, so if you are a local community group or school who would like to be involved with this project or any other projects, please email the BFER team at: [email protected]

For further information on other local projects, visit or the BFER website: where you can also sign up to the monthly online newsletter.


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