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Looking after yourselves in cold weather

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Whilst we are experiencing a very cold spell, here are some tips that might help make it a safer and warmer time for you. Starting within your home, try to keep your home above 18C and reduce any drafts by using excluders or a rolled-up towel, also keeping the windows and curtains closed.

During this type of weather wear lots of thin layers of clothing, rather than one thick layer and move every so often, stretching your arms and legs when you can.  Use a heated blanket to keep yourself warm rather than heating the whole house (some energy suppliers give these away for free to those struggling with high fuel bills). Also make sure you have enough medication, food, and drink in the house, including pet food if you have a furry companion. Consuming warm drinks and food can help as well.

Keep emergency phone numbers handy and get yourself added to the Priority Service Register if you meet the criteria, more information is available at

To report a power cut, you can call the National Grid on 105. If you need medical support 111 and for police support 101. In an emergency call 999.

If you are venturing out in the low temperatures, do take care on slippery ground – use salt or sand on paths and wear shoes or boots with good grip.

When driving, plan ahead and check the road safety announcements and keep a kit in the car of drinks, food, blankets, shovel, de-icer/scraper and your phone and charger/battery bank. Give yourself extra time to complete tasks or driving, check on your neighbour and keep up to date with the weather forecast.

If you are struggling to keep your home warm, there are Warm Spaces you can visit to warm up like Thetford Library, Charles Burrell Centre, Salvation Army Centre.


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