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Challenging Misconceptions

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I’ve tried to find out where the misconceptions and stereotypical views of ADHD and Autism and
other Neurodivergent Conditions are found. It seems many are from films, TV programs and a
misunderstanding of what they are. However, no one ‘looks Autistic’/Neurodivergent.

Everyone is individual and unique – there is no one way of looking or acting. The problem is
misconceptions will keep happening until there is enough correct information out there. Also, the
research and science changes as we find new things out.

Adult ADHD didn’t become as recognised until 2001, it was thought children grew out of it. ADHD is often viewed to be people bouncing off the walls and not being able to sit still, this is only a minority. ADHDers that weren’t hyperactive, were considered to just be lazy as unable to concentrate or just badly behaved. When in fact it can look like someone frequently daydreaming, butting into conversations, mind going ten to the dozen and is never quiet, frequently forgetting things, continual brain fog and not being able to focus. With ADHD it’s proven the brain is physically different, also with Autism.

There is a view that Autistic people are non commutative and need constant support or are
geniuses. This is a minority but those that are non-verbal can communicate, it’s finding what
works for them. You can be autistic and have a very successful career, however on your off days you may need complete support. If things get too much you can shut down and be non-verbal. It isn’t linear but a spectrum, as I see it, a circle!

Many say that a person has autism or suffers with it. This is often seen as offensive and is incorrect due to it not being an identity first language. Autism doesn’t go away; it is a fundamental part of who you are. It can’t be medicated to correct it; it is a neurological condition that we must understand and accommodate.

It is very common for someone to be diagnosed with Anxiety, depression, bi-polar etc when it
is ADHD or Autism. Often Anxiety levels and depression are much higher in the neurodivergent
community. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Tablets never helped. Once diagnosed with ADHD and treated, the Anxiety levels lowered massively as did the low moods. So sometimes if something isn’t working, it’s worth looking for another solution. 

Article Written by Kiah Waite


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